Traction leg splint

Designed for distraction of the extremity in case of fracture displacement


The traction leg splint consists of 7 metal elbows connected in a single rigid structure. The elbows are connected to each other by an elastic cable, allowing you quickly bring the splint to the working state. In the lower part of the structure there is a mechanism for stretching the extremity with a fixing strap for the foot. In the upper part there is a clamping mechanism with a groin locking strap. For fixing the leg, along the entire length of the splint, mobile straps are provided. The entire structure is packed and transported in a special case with an information window. Due to dosed, controlled mechanical traction along the axis of the extremity, it ensures the elimination of post-traumatic displacement of bone fragments and their subsequent reliable fixation. - Reduces pain, the degree of trauma to soft tissues by bone fragments and interstitial blood loss, reduces the risk of secondary damage to blood vessels and nerves.

Medical Equipment
  • leg splint
  • emergency unit
  • orthopaedic braces

Product features

traction leg splint 1 pce
Transport case 1 pce
User Manual 1 pce
Overall dimensions of the tire in the case, mm ( 380×110×100) ±30
Max length of the splint in working state, mm 1400
Dimensions of fixing straps, mm (900±50)×(50±10) / (730±30)×(50±10)
Dimensions of fixing straps, mm (560±30)×(50±10) / (450±30)×(50±10)
Length of the groin locking strap, mm min 560±50/max 1000±50
Width of the groin locking strap, mm 50±10
Dimensions of the main part of the fixing strap for the foot, mm 560±30) × (50±10)
Weight in the case, kg 1.5

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