Pneumatic precision seed drills The elaborate design of the MAXIMA and PLANTER single-seed drills makes them exceptionally versatile. Their robustness, great reliability and seeding precision are their main assets. A wide range of accessories such as micro-granulators and fertilisers supports their ability to adapt to every need.

Product features

Frame type Trailed
Frame width in working position (m) 12
Frame width in transport position (m) 3.50
Distribution type Pneumatic
Number of seeding units 16 ou 18
Number of rows -
Row spacing (cm) 70 / 80 ou 70 / 75
Hopper capacity (l) 52
Fertilisation 1 x 4300 l
Microganulator Insecticide. slug pellets and/or weed killer
Gearbox 3
Number of wheels 8
Markers Hydraulic

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