Mechanical seed drills Conventional or integrated, KUHN offers a wide range of mechanical seed drills. Seeding is impeccable with regular crosswise seed distribution. The application rate is precise even on slopes owing to the helical grooves. These practical seed drills are easy to use for seeding all seed types worry-free.

Product features

Row spacing (cm) 15
Working width (m) 9
Transport width (m) 3.5
Number of rows 60 (seeding + fertilisation in the same row)
Filling height approx. (m) 1.42
Application (kg/ha) 1 to 300
Coulter bar CROSSFLEX : double discs and tamping wheels
Distribution type HELICA fluted rollers
Approx. Tractor power requirement (kW) 89
Approx. Tractor power requirement (hp) 120
Fertiliser hopper capacity (l) 1520
Seed hopper capacity (l) 2240
Control system HECTOR 3000 : monitoring of seed level. distribution. area counter. tramlining
Speed (km/h) between 3 and 15

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