Transfer transducer CEH Transfer Transducer Types in Torque and Force are unsensitive to humidity and temperature! We make your calibration equipment traceable. Torque transfer transducer Type TTt calibrated according to DIN 51309 standard Measurement ranges 0.2 to 200 N·m Suitable as reference transducers and transfers for comparison measurements for verifying high-precision torque calibration systems Torque transfer key type TTW calibrated according to DKD-R 3-7 Measurement ranges from 2 to 3,000 N·m Suitable for verifying torque key calibration systems (DSKE) Measurement ranges also possible according to customer specification Force transducers compatible with commercially available aluminum profiles. Fixed in place with a screw Suitable for constructing machine elements such as roll bearing arrangements, pneumatic grippers etc. Nominally rated forces from 1 to 2,000 N


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