Translation of technical texts  - LINGUAVOX SL


Technical translation service by professional technical translators specialized in Accounting, Finance, Packaging, Acoustic engineering, Fluid physics, Paper technology, Advertising, Food technology, Petroleum industry, Aerodynamics, Petrology, Aeronautics, Forestry, Pharmacology, Agriculture, Gas technology, Photography, Geodesy, Physics, Air conditioning, Geography, Plastic-rubber, Geology, Anatomy, Geophysics, Printing, Architecture, Geomagnetism, Production engineering, Armament, Heat engineering, Psychiatry, Artillery, Horticulture, Quality assurance, Astronomy, Hydraulics, Radio, Astrophysics, Hydromechanics, Railway engineering, Hydrology, Refrigeration, Automatics, Illumination, Automation, Illuminating engineering, Robotics, Automotive engineering, Industrial heating, Safety engineering, Aviation, Informatics, Avionics, Information technology, Solar technology, Bank, Insurance, Space technology, Biochemistry, Internet, Statistics, Biotechnology, Inorganic chemistry, Botany.

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