Translation wheel block - RS series

The solution for harsh applications


Our RS wheel block system is suitable for applications in which a housing made of sheet steel is required, such as for impact loads. The RS system is also employed in high-temperature applications up to 250 °C or wherever a stainless steel housing is needed. Various travel wheel designs and possible connections to superstructures make the system suitable for universal applications. Further strengths include: *5 sizes with load capacities from 3.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes *housing made of steel or stainless steel *many travel wheel contours as standard *4 variants for connection to the customer's superstructure *driven by Demag offset geared motors *integrated connections, e.g. for torque brackets, guide roller arrangements and buffers.

Wheels, castors and rollers for goods handling
  • Stainless design
  • wheel block system
  • reliable torque transmission

Product features

RS 125 Max. load capacity 3.5 t
RS 160 Max. load capacity 5 t
RS 250 Max. load capacity 9 t
RS 315 Max. load capacity 12 t
RS 400 Max. load capacity 18 t

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