Transparent Led Panel

P3,91 / P7,82 Curtain Led Screen


· Fix instalation Transparent Led Screen · Easy and Fast Installation · High Quality Aliminum Die Casting Panel · Light Weight · Faster Cooling · Advenced Lock · Quick instalation · Free Rotation · P3,91 / P7,82 Led Panel When traditional LED displays were used, shoppers often couldn’t see the products in the store. And traditional LED displays will block the sun, which means you'll have to pay an extra fee for lighting. The transparent LED display’s transparency is up to 80%, allowing sunlight to pass through and creating a more natural atmosphere for you. You can barely see the presence of displays over a distance of 5 meters. That will allow outdoors to see the products in your store and let the sunlight shine on your store for a pleasant shopping experience. Haian can customize all sizes of transparent LED display according to needs, whether it's small display or gaint transparent LED wall.

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