Transplantnet - System of Monitoring and Support for Patient

System of Monitoring and Support for Patients after Organ Transplantation


The system is designed for long-term remote monitoring and patient care after organ transplantation by a transplant doctor. The scope of the system: medical organizations of transplant profile. System functionality: The appointment complex of long-distance monitoring (reference) for of the patient. Reminder to the patient (in accordance with the established personal schedule) about the need to take drugs, questionnaires, measurements, conduct surveys with the ability to upload their results to the cloud service. Informing the doctor about the patient's condition (including using automatically created charts and a heat map). Formation of emergency notifications about threatening conditions. Informing the patient about the correct lifestyle, diet and behavior. The system includes a large amount of information materials provided to the patient based on the questionnaires filled in by him using a special algorithm for assessing his condition.

  • Patient telemonitoring
  • medical consulting
  • Software for remote patient monitoring

Product features

Telemedicine segment Patient - doctor
Remote consultation type Remote consultation with patient’s own doctor
The main principle Asynchrony
Devices where service can be used Web, Android, iOS
Application Kidney and liver transplantation
Reminder About taking medications, examinations, etc
Questionnaires about the patient's condition after taking medication
Periodicity according to the schedule set by the doctor
Functionality «Heat maps» generated from completed questionnaires
Functionality generating graphs to track the dynamics of the patient's condition
Functionality Emergency alerts

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