MATERIAL LOAD CAPACITY (Tons) REFERENCES Net Weight Single Trolley for Standard Gauge 1.44 m (Kg) SINGLE TROLLEY with Plateform Pivoting and Rail Sliding With Bracket Rail Loading (*) Steel Aluminium Steel Steel Steel Steel 5 5 10 15 20 50 S5 AS5 S10 S15 S20 S50 S5PC - S10PC S15PC - - - - S10PCR S15PCR - - 100 80 175 240 270 330 (*) BRACKET RAIL LOADING The Bracket can be positionned either : - on the centre of the Trolley - at one of the Ends of the Trolley These Trolleys allow the Rail LOADING, UNLOADING and TRANSPORTING on Work-Sites. Trolley with Bracket - Ref. PCR OPTIONS : - Wooden Brake Device (or polyurethan body), operating with 1 Handle Lever. (or Tightening Screw). - Wheels (in Steel, aluminium or Nylon) as your Request. See also : LIGHTWEIGHT PLATFORM TROLLEYS (MANUAL OR MOTORIZED) A Wide Range of Lightweight Plateform Trolleys are available (See Details on Transportation and Silent Rails Panel) USE : Various Equipments Transporting on Track as : Rails, Sleepers, All m

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