The "POUGET" Silent-Rail is provided for standard tracks and for TRAMWAYS Tracks. Its concept allows to reduce considerably the noise pollution generated by the rail-traffic. It reduces the maintenance cost of tracks : head of rail easy to replace. SPECIFICATION OF THE POUGET SILENT-RAIL Rep. 1 : The dismantled Rail-Head, in steel of selected hardness. Rep. 2 : The Security-Clips, to lie up the rail-head. Rep. 3 : The elastic pad, noise and vibrations absorber (in polyurethan). Rep. 4 : Rail (all sizes) ADVANTAGES OF THE POUGET SILENT-RAIL - Very important reduction of the traffic noises (about 10 dBa) - Reduction of the Operating and Maintenance Costs - Increasing of the availability of the tracks for the maintenance works. - Very important saving when replacing the worn-rails since the Rail-head only be replaced, and not the WHOLE-RAIL.

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