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Transportation of standard cargo

Transportation of standard cargo


Delivery of standard cargo by the JENTY fleet of vehicles primarily means safety, reliability and speed. Such transportation is carried out in tautliners or all-metal semi-trailers, which ensure protection from adverse external effects under any climatic conditions. TRANSPORT CAPABILITIES •The diversity of JENTY’s fleet of vehicles allows you to select the best offers taking into account the nature of the cargo and the requirements for loading and unloading operations. •We offer delivery of standard cargo in: - standard 90 m³ semi-trailers; - 100 m³ DOUBLE DECK type semi-trailers allowing compact arrangement of non-stackable cargo in several tiers. Both side and upper loading is allowed; omegatrailers with an internal volume of 100 m³, 110 m³ long semi-trailers (16.3 meters) with the possibility of transporting up to 40 Euro-pallets and bulky cargo; oall-metal semi-trailers ensuring maximum protection of cargo from unauthorized impact.

Goods transport
  • Automotive logistics
  • Cargo carriers
  • international forwarding agent

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