Trench convector Katherm HK

Convector with EC tangential fan-assisted convection for heating or cooling


Trench heating and cooling. EC tangential fan convection. Quiet and energy-efficient. The Katherm HK permits demand-led heating from the floor. It also features a cooling function. With its new incremental lengths, the Katherm HK is the right solution for the most diverse building requirements. The redesigned EC tangential fan runs silently and is extremely energy-efficient. Benefits - cost-effective efficient heating AND cooling at low noise levels - in line with the Hygiene Directive VDI 6022 - 2-pipe or 4-pipe system for individual comfort in every room Applications Buildings of all kinds, in which there is a high cooling load due to internal loads and the effects of sunlight. Experience has shown that Katherm HK can provide low-cost, effective cooling with low, non-disruptive sound levels.

Air conditioning equipment
  • perimeter heating
  • radiator
  • trench convectors

Product features

Convection EC tangential fan
Heating LPHW
Cooling CHW
Ventilation supply air models on request
KaControl optional
System 2-pipe or 4-pipe
Grill finishes roll-up grilles or linear grilles
Heat output [W] 544 - 16884 (at LPHW 75 / 65 °C, EAT = 20°C)
Cooling output [W] 85 - 3348 (at CHW 16 / 18 °C, EAT = 27 °C, 48% relative humidity)

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