Trench convector Katherm QE

Fan-assisted trench heating with EC technology and electrical element


Tangential fan convection with electric heating element. The Katherm QE is the ideal solution when a LPHW convector cannot be used. It stands out on account of its energy-saving and ultra-quiet EC tangential fans. The high-output electric heating element delivers high heat outputs. coupled with low sound levels. Benefits — heating without water — fast warm-up at low sound emissions — ideal alternative to convectors with LPHW Applicatioms All areas of buildings in which effective heating and cold air screening is required. Katherm QE units can provide energy-saving and low-noise heating particularly when the use of LPHW is not provided for or possible

Air conditioning equipment
  • perimeter heating
  • radiator
  • trench convectors

Product features

Convection EC tangential fan
Heating Electric heating element
System Electric
Grill finishes Roll-up grilles
Heat output [W] 160 - 2400 (electric heating output at control voltage BMS 2-10 V)

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