Trench convector Katherm QK

Convector with EC tangential fan-assisted convection for heating & ventilation


Trench heating unit with EC tangential fan convection. All-purpose, individual, made-to-measure. The Katherm QK is whisper-quiet. It is also available in 120 versions. It comes in non-standard lengths, with curved trench, mitres, cut-outs for columns or angles. Its ultra-long EC fan covers the entire heating range, from full space heating to cold air screening. Benefits - made-to-measure trench lengths - high outputs at small trench depths, even when used with low temperatures - whisper-quiet EC technology Applications All areas of buildings in which effective heating and cold air screening is required. Effective, energy-saving heating can be provided by Katherm QK in conjunction with modern heating systems

Air conditioning equipment
  • perimeter heating
  • radiator
  • trench convectors

Product features

Convection EC tangential fan
Heating LPHW
KaControl integradet
System 2-pipe
Grill finishes roll-up or lines grilles aluminium brass
Heat output [W] 437 - 6025 (At LPHW 75 / 65 °C, EAT = 20°C)

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