Tsab Automatic Tenderizer


The Tenderstar TSAB tenderizer is a fully automated tenderizing machine that can process pieces of meat measuring 140 mm × 330 mm. This high-end device is ideal for the food processing industries as it can process a large quantity of meat in a minimum amount of time. Quite easy to use, just place the piece of meat on the belt, choose the degree of tenderizing (3 possibilities) according to the hardness of the piece of meat and the 784 needles do the rest. The speed adapts itself and oblique guides keep the meat well centred on the belt. The result obtained is therefore uniform and unmarked for a juicy and tender meat. In terms of hygiene and maintenance, this Tenderstar machine is very practical. Made of stainless steel, it does not rust. In addition, it is quite easy to clean since all parts in contact with the meat can be dismantled without tools to be sterilized or cleaned at very high temperatures.

Pastry-making - machinery and equipment
  • Automated Tenderizing
  • Tenderizing Machine
  • Tenderstar Tsab
  • Tenderstar Machine
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  • Automatic Tenderizer
  • Tsab Automatic
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Product features

Machine dimensions (H×W×D) 1800×750×2200 mm
Belt width 400 mm
Weight 600 kg
Blades 784 (blade cutting width: 2 to 3 mm)
Dimensions of the part to be softened 140 mm (thickness) and 330 mm (width)
Warranty 1 year

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