Tse Electric Tenderizer


The Tenderstar TSE tenderizer is an electric and semi-automatic tenderizer for meat parts measuring 140 mm × 300 mm. Thanks to it, the quality of the product is improved while reducing the work compared to a manual tenderizer. With this electric model, it is possible to choose the degree of tenderizing according to the type of meat. Thanks to the swivel board, it is enough to place the piece of meat on it to easily insert it under the blades. During tenderizing, the blades do not tear the meat fibres thanks to its 540 round diagonally positioned needles, which allows the original appearance of the product to be maintained. The good distribution of the incisions also provides uniform tenderness for a tasty and juicy piece of meat. The TSE tenderizer meets both hygiene and safety standards. Easy to disassemble, all parts that come into contact with the meat can be removed for sterilization or high-pressure washing.

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Product features

Machine dimensions (H×W×D) 1800×600×1200 mm
Weight 180 kg
Blades 540 (blade cutting width: 2 to 3mm)
Motor 380 v
Dimensions of the part to be softened 140 mm (thickness) and 300 mm (width)
Warranty 1 year

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