Tshy Hydraulic Tenderizer


The Tenderstar TSHY tenderizer is a semi-automatic tenderizer that can tenderize a 120 mm × 300 mm piece of meat. This model was developed to meet the needs of customers who needed an in-between between the manual model (which facilitates the workload) and the fully automatic model. It is compact and easy to use. The needles are positioned diagonally to avoid passing twice at the same place on the piece of meat. They can give about one stroke per second for an increased tenderness of about 20%. The result is therefore optimal since the piece of meat is juicier and tastier but without any visible mark of tenderizing. Made of stainless steel and polyacetal, this Tenderstar tenderizer is quick to clean and removable parts can be easily sterilized or high-pressure cleaned for maximum hygiene. Also discover the other model of Tenderstar semi-automatic tenderizer (TSE), the fully automatic model (TSAB) and the manual one (Econox), all with a 1-year warranty and meeting CE standards.

Pastry-making - machinery and equipment
  • Tshy Tenderizer
  • Tenderstar Tshy
  • Hydraulic

Product features

Machine dimensions (H×W×D) 1600×520×860 mm
Speed +/- 1 stroke/sec
Motor three-phase 1.5 kW
Dimensions of the part to be softened 120 mm (thickness) and 300 mm (width)
Warranty 1 year

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