Tube Core Packing

TP 619 SKS


Heat conductive ePTFE Yarn, PTFE fiber, Run-In Lubricant and elastic Silicon Tube Core Practical useful application data: max. temperature: +160 °C Characteristics Elevated heat conductivity For higher shaft speeds than S 6 SKV High chemical resistance and for clean media Operating range Pressure [p max]: 20 bar, Velocity [v max]: 10 m/s Temperature: t = -100… +280 °C pH: 1 - 14 Density: 1.60 g/cm³ Practical useful application data: max. temperature: +160 °C Main application Mixer Agitators Autoclave Kneader Paddle dryer Suitable for Rotating Equipment with higher surface speed radial run out Form of delivery This packing can be manufactured from 14 to 40 mm square as well as in intermediate, inch sizes and special measurements. 14 mm and above on 5 kg spool Special length, pre-cut or die formed rings on request. 1 kg of packing of the following cross-sections corresponds to displayed meter lengths: Size mm["] Meter 14 [9/16"] 3.2 15 2.8 16 [5/8"] 2.4 18 1.9 19 [3/4"]...

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