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Tube Inserts or Tube End Caps as they can also be known are a hugely popular part inside many industries for capping off the end of a tube, pipe or post. Tube Inserts are regularly employed to add a function, to seal or to add a clean finish to a tube, hence their wide use inside a number of industries as tubes, pipes, poles and posts are everywhere around us. Our range features a number of variants including Metal, Spring Threaded, Threaded & Plastic, plastic coming in a number of styles such as Round, Square, Oval & Rectangular. As a low cost item these are widely popular for individuals and businesses alike, hence the huge range of shapes and sizes that we have on offer. It is worth noting however, that we have the ability to offer free sampling across our whole Tube Inserts product range.

Pipe and tube fittings - non-ferrous metal
  • tube inserts
  • tube end caps
  • tube fittings

Product features

Styles Available: Round Tube Inserts
Square Tube Inserts Rectangular Tube Inserts
Threaded Tube Inserts Tube Connectors

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