Tube diffuser 750 mm Polyurethane
with polyurethane-membrane  - ENVICON GMBH & CO. KG


Tube diffuser 750 mm Fine bubble tubular diffuser with an active aeration length of 750 mm with a polyurethane-membrane and a polypropylene support tube with a 1”-female-thread. Extremely long lifetime and no curing due to plasticizer-free membrane Extremely tear-resistant and abrasion-proof Microbe and hydrolysis resistant and good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals. Free of softener and halogene. Total length 820 mm. With ENVICON-connectors available for all standard piping systems. Precise die cut openings for high oxygen transfer efficiency and low head loss. Suitable for permanent and intermittent aeration Environment-friendly polypropylene body, rugged design with low buoyancy. Other lengths available.

Water purification - systems and equipment
  • Tube diffuser
  • Membrane tube diffuser
  • fine bubble diffuser

Product features

Membrane material Polyurethane
Support tube material Polypropylene
Resilience Very high
Bubble size fine-bubble
Aeration intermittent and permanent
Perforated length 750 mm
Oxygen transfer excellent
Country of origin Germany
Head loss low
Diffuser type tube diffuser
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