URM offers a wide variety of standard tubes and elbows in synthetic rubber. Every hose or elbow is available in different lenghts and diameters. Reinforced tube elements Tubes, elbows and hoses are available in standard or reinforced finish. Reinforced tube elements offer a higher (pressure) resistance, thanks to the use of (multiple) layers of reinforcement: Nomex ® Kevlar ® Rayon® polyester fiberglass steelwire ... Rubbercatalog Discover the possibilities of Universal Rubber (productcatalog) Info, prizes and offers on rubber hoses Do you have a specific question in regards to rubber hoses or Universal Rubber Manufacturing? More details about a specific material or in need of product specifications? Do you need some information about possibilities with reinforced rubber? Don't hesitate to contact URM for additional info, a price indication or detailed price offers.


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