Technical Insulation


THE COMPLETE POLYETHYLENE INSULATION PACKAGE FOR EFFECTIVE ENERGY SAVING AND ACOUSTIC PROTECTION Tubolit is the most complete range of thermal, acoustic and protective insulation products for installations of heating, domestic hot and cold water and sewage pipes in both residential and commercial buildings. The range offers proven solutions to effectively minimise energy losses, protect pipes laid in the building shell and improve the acoustic comfort. Tubolit DG THE ECONOMIC INSULATION FOR EFFECTIVE ENERGY SAVING Tubolit S THE INSULATION TO PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF STRUCTURE-BORNE NOISE Tubolit S Plus THE PROTECTION TUBE FOR INSTALLATIONS WITH LIMITED SPACE Tubolit AR Fonowave THE NOISE REDUCING INSULATION FOR PLASTIC WASTE WATER PIPES Tubolit AR Fonoblock THE NOISE REDUCING INSULATION FOR CAST IRON WASTE WATER PIPES Tubolit DHS Quadra THE QUADRATIC PE INSULATION FOR FLOOR CONSTRUCTIONS

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