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Tudor Model - Red Arch - Glass door


Product key features: •All our ovens are handmade by Dome Ovens™ in Portugal. •The entire oven is handmade with pure refractory mortar resisting temperatures of 3000 F / 1648 C •Dome: Superior refractory brick: Prepared to withstand high temperatures and greater heat re-tention. •Arch: Handmade solid clay brick. •Dome: Double insulation – ceramic fiber insulation blanket 2400 F / 1315 C and proprietary mix. •Damper: Included. •Doors: Designed and made by Dome Ovens™ •Base: Break proof – solid steel / reinforced. 4 lifting hooks included ( removable ) •Gas burner ready: Prepared to receive a gas burner. Gas burner not included but available for purchase at any date. Insulated mushroom plug included for exclusive wood use.