Turbo Charger Hoses


Our silicone Turbo charger hoses are ideal for connections between engine mounted charge air cooler system parts. They come in a range of straight, shaped or convoluted shapes, as required. The convoluted shapes are required when there are slight misalignments during fitment or functioning. The hoses are flexible enough to endure the vibrations caused due to these misalignments/ compressions/ 3 axial movements. Working temp of 65˚C 200˚C doneAvailable with vent and integrated components doneResists corrosion from coolant and heat transfer More information Turbo Hoses are with Metal fittings and Crimped ends also can be developed as per your requirement . In URM house test rig available for life cycle testing of the hoses (cyclic pressures between 0 and 3 bars, while maintaining temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius, inside and outside the hose.) Industry use Turbo hoses are ideal for connctions between engine and mounted charge air cooler system parts

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