Turbo Dryer Ecologist

Drying solutions for municipal and industrial sludges and wet residuals


With more than 120 lines in operation all around the world VOMM is offering you well-proven thin film continuous drying technology in closed process gas circuit. VOMM Turbo Dryer Ecologist treats sludges and wastes with different properties to obtain homogeneous products at the requested moisture content (i.e partial drying up to 50-55% DS or full drying up to 90-95% DS). The dried product is compact, resistant, non-porous, sanitized, with high bulk density and can be transported and handled easily. It is easily pelletized in order to obtain 6-10 mm pellets. Municipal or industrial sludges are suitable for waste-to-energy solution (cement plant, biomass to plants, power plant, etc) or agricultural valorisation (landscaping, soil amendment or fertilizer, compost). Special version is operating in Italy in order to sterilise hazardous hospital wastes in a continuous process, producing RDF. VOMM celebrates 50 years of activity on 2019.

Water retreatment - equipment and installations
  • Waste to energy
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