TURBOSTART Package: 30 kg in multilayer paper bag with PE inlet Producer: Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus Composition: High containing of protein, which is protected against fermentation in rumen Probiotic (four series of bacteria) Buffer-deoxidizing agents Magnesium E vitamin Zink-methionine Selenium-methionine and selenium cysteine Calcium and phosphorus Recommendations for use: The product contains protein which is protected against fermentation, four strains of probiotic bacteria, buffer-deoxidizing agents, macro-, microelements and vitamins which are necessary and important for implementation of high-effective milk-yield development. Usage of this additive in the period of milk-yield development enables to increase cow productivity by 3-5 litres by the end milk-yield development. In the following, cow which is got in the milk-yield development period this additive

Feeds for animal farming
  • Protein cationic phylactic feed additive
  • high-producing cow
  • milk-yield development period