We provide services on: Axial compressor rotors Radial compressor rotors Steam turbine rotors Expander rotors Benefits: Any brand or make Both old and new rotors Competitive pricing Short delivery times Upgrades & Revamps Rotor Repairs & Inspections Each rotor repair starts with an inspection, the inspection provides a complete assessment of the rotor condition. An API inspection includes: Rotor cleaning (glass bead blasting) Visual inpection Mechanical & Electrical Run out Non Destructive Testing Reporting & repair proposal Depending on the condition of the rotor, the following may be included in the rotor repair: Rotor journal repairs by welding, laser cladding or HVOF coating Spare parts: manufacturing of new impellers, shafts, blades, diaphragms, blade carriers, etc. Reblading Replacement of seal strips Low speed balancing High speed balancing Over speed test Impeller spin test

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Product features

Specifications DH7S / DH4
Rotor weight 600 – 12.500 kg / 60 – 1.250 kg
Max rotor length 6.000 mm / 6.000 mm
Max rotor diameter 1.700 mm / 1.700 mm
Max drive speed 12.000 rpm / 30.000 rpm

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