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TurboSafe TEP3000 turbocharger accumulator; attached is a brochure on the unit for your review. The TurboSafe TEP3000 will certainly solve the turbocharger issues that you may be currently experiencing. Industrial Diesel produces the TurboSafe and InstaLube family of lubrication systems for turbochargers and engines. These systems were developed in the United Kingdom, tested by NATO and registered as an approved procurement product. The TEP3000 is currently specified by the Canadian Dept. of National Defense for fire pumps. The TEP3000 two stage accumulator, which automatically provides oil to the turbo on start-up and shutdown, is a tried and tested unit with an installed base on thousands of different manufacturers engines throughout the world. The TEP3000 is a robust unit which has had no operational or service issues in the past. Most of our information is published on our website The TEP3000 is available in 12 or 24 volt.

Industrial Vehicles
  • Turbocharger protector
  • Oil accumulator
  • Post & Pre-lube Unit
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