Turn table system, particularly suitable for non-standard components at higher quantities. Can be connected to all Orbitec controllers. - Hollow shaft OD 70mm (e.g. for purging components through the central axis) - Quick-change TIG torch system - Continuously adjustable up to 90° - High quality three-jaw chuck Technical Data: Max. load: 300N Swivel range: 0° – 90°, infinitely adjustable Current transmission: max. 300A Chucking range: - Inner: min. 50mm / max. 230mm | min. 1.970″ / max. 9.060″ - Outer: min. 10mm / max. 120mm | min. 0.394″ / max. 4.720″ Weight: 69kg Optional also with cold wire feed and AVC in conjunction with the Tigtronic controllers and the AVC upgrade kit. Package includes: - Turn table system incl. console - 2 sets of jaw chucks - Bedplate with assorted fixings and pivoting plate - TIG torch bracket - Cable for connection to Tigtronic controller with Orbifeed plug - Chuck key - Ground cable

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • orbital welding
  • orbital welding system
  • turn table system

Product features

Max. load 300N
Swivel range 0° – 90°, infinitely adjustable
Current transmission max. 300A
Chucking range inner mm min. 50mm / max. 230mm
Chucking range inner inch min. 1.970″ / max. 9.060″
Chucking range outer mm min. 10mm / max. 120mm
Chucking range outer inch min. 0.394″ / max. 4.720″
Weight 69kg

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Turn Table Systems

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