Turning Loads Using The Protective Sleeve

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secutex protective sleeves are vital when turning over coils. The lifting strap is attached to a crane hook and attached to the load with the secutex protective sleeve. During lifting, the strap moves freely through the protective sleeve while the latter remains motionless against the load. This means that turning the load 90° is possible without any problem whatsoever. If the load is paced to the other side according to the same principle, it can be also be turned by 180°. The lifting strap can slide through the protective sleeve during the turning process. The protective sleeve and load, however, remain in constant contact. Our tips for safe turning – The lifting strap is exactly at „12 o‘clock“ over the centre of the coil. – Only individual, unpackaged and cleanlywrapped coils may be turned. – A nonslip surface, such as the secutex turning mat (cf.p. 102] must be used. – The coil must be prevented from rolling in or sliding perpendicularly to the lifting strap.

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