HT series revolving turrets are one of the last product in the O.M.G. production range. Inspired by the need to increase the flexibility of machine tools, they are able to perform drilling, thread-cutting, boring, milling-cutting. Can be installed directly on the machine's spindle or, with their own drive, mounted on slides with one or more axes of movement. Available in three sizes, they can be fitted with from two to six interchangeable cartridge spindles with coolant passing through the centre of the tool, as well as multiple or angle heads and spindle speeders for greater tool velocity. All version use a positioning system based on a Hirth crown gear, enabling outstanding precision, excellent rigidity in milling-cutting and finishing boring, and outstanding repeatability. Turret head made in steel and cast iron. Spindles unit with precision bearing. Spindles with different tool connections (HSK, Komet, DIN55058, etc.) which can be interchanged on the same turret. Spindles direct


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