Two Axis Measuring Heads (Dual axis diameter measurement )

ODAC - Overview


ZUMBACH's advanced laser gauge ODAC ® 18XY combined with the analog interface AI 4-ODAC ®, represents an ideal solution to these problems. Scan rate and accuracy are extremely high. The position measurement in X and Y is precise and linear. The vibration frequency can be determined thanks to the high X-Y scan rate and processing speed. The analog outputs for diameter and position have a high resolution (16 bit) and a high update rate (120/s). (To date, most available equipment has resolutions of 12 bit and update rates between 10 and 60/s). Measurement After Coating The same package (ODAC ® 18XY with AI 4-ODAC ®) can be used after the coating stations where position monitoring is normally not required. Local display and control unit LOC 01 (Option) This LOC 01 unit is mounted directly on the measuring head. Only for RS and DP versions. Laser diameter gauge with integrated processors This generation of laser diameter measuring heads is available as an "RS" or a "DP" version...

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