Article number: 106711 Type number: SK-85 EAN code: 4047322369428 Two-handed safety console, complete, Quick-connect plug hose 4 mm, Operating pressure 2.5 - 8 bar, Temp. -10 C to 60 C. This pushbutton panel according to EN574 Type III A is comprised of a dual manual control valve with a housing and manifold. The valve only generates an output signal if two synchronised input signals are received within < 0.4 sec. If one input signal is interrupted, the output signal is interrupted as well. An emergency stop valve with a mushroom pushbutton is included. The housing can be screwed to the wall in any position; the valve manifold can optionally be supplied without the housing and with a DIN bar adapter. Applications: Two-hand safety valve for start-of-cycle control on a pneumatically operated machine.

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Connection Push-in fitting for 4 mm pipe
Description Complete pushbutton panel with safety valve
Flow rate at 6 bar and ?p 1.0 bar 85 Nl/min
Max. operating pressure 8 bar
Max. temperature range 60 C
Medium Filtered, unlubricated compressed air
Min. operating pressure 2.5 bar
Min. temperature range -10 C
Operation Pneumatic
Page No. HK333
Synchronisation, max. time between two signals 0.4 sec.

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