starlim//sterner specializes in the processing of silicone. Only high-temperature-curing and addition-curing silicone types (HCR) are being used. Examples Liquid silicone (LSR) Oil-bleeding liquid silicone (LSR) Solid silicone (HCR) Fluorine-solid-silicone (FSR) Fluorine-liquid-silicone (FSL) We mainly use material supplied by: Wacker Chemie AG, Munich/Germany Momentive Performance Materials GmbH, Leverkusen/ Germany Biesterfeld Interowa GmbH & Co KG, Vienna/Austria Implants: starlim//sterner makes no long-term implants. starlim//sterner manufactures short-term implants that do not remain longer inside the human body than 30 days (medical products class IIa).