When your medical device requires a film-film package or foil pouch, header bags made with DuPont™ Tyvek® provide a solution for enabling ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization. Some medical devices and procedure kits are packaged in film-film packages or foil pouches because they require a barrier to light, oxygen or moisture. These packaged medical devices and procedure kits cannot be sterilized with EO without the use of a header bag or breather patch made of a porous packaging material such as Tyvek®. Header bags made with Tyvek® enable EO sterilization of medical devices within film-film packages and foil pouches because Tyvek® allows the moisture and heat from EO sterilization to pass in and out of the package. In addition to enabling EO sterilization, headers made with Tyvek® have superior puncture resistance compared to headers made with medical-grade paper. Header bags made with Tyvek® also offer superior moisture resistance and microbial barrier compared to those made with medical

Disposable medical and surgical articles
  • Tyvek Header Bag
  • Tyvek Pouch, Header Wrap
  • Sterilization Reels
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