U Guide – Light Series

Guides for pneumatic cylinders
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U guide unit for pneumatic cylinders ISO Ø12 to Ø80 Antirotation guide on bronze bearings Protected by wipers seals Antirotation for ISO pneumatic cylinder This Light Series provides antirotation of the cylinder rod. With limited dimensions, it permits to use an ISO cylinder for shortstroke translations, while protecting the rod of the cylinder with its floating rod coupling. For environments requiring an anticorrosion version, the steel parts can be supplied in stainless steel (rods, coupling, screws), the body and the front plate are remaining in anodized aluminum (suffix /AC after the reference). For all stainless steel guides, refer to the 34*X series.

  • Cylinders, pneumatic
  • Pneumatic Light
  • Rotation Pneumatic
  • Guide Rotation

Product characteristics

341 to 348
Cylinder Ø
Ø12 to Ø80
Guide rods Ø
Ø10 to Ø16
For cylinder
ISO6432 and ISO15552


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68190 Raedersheim - France