Robust solution for high temperature liquids UFM 530 HT is a dual beam ultrasonic flow meter for crudes and a broad range of refined products, that are processed under extreme conditions (high temperature / high pressure). Also for accurate flow measurement of synthetic heat transfer oil at extreme high temperatures (500 °C) and rapidly changing temperatures, the UFM 530 HT offers a unique solution.

Oils, industrial

Product features

Fluid: for liquids
Technology: ultrasonic
Other characteristics: for high temperatures; in-line
Measuring range 0.5...20 m/s / 1.7...66 ft/s
Process temperature Standard versions: -25...+500°C / -13...+932°F // Ex versions: -25...+440°C / -13...+824°F
Pressure DN25...80: PN40 / DN100...150: PN16 / DN200...300: PN10 / Higher pressure ratings on request

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