Copper coated micro steel fiber is the most important materials of RPC(Reactive Powder Concrete). RPC has the features of very high strength, high tenacity, very good durability and volume stability. It is a good and new kind of construction materials. Guangya micro steel fiber is widely used in the building of high speed railway, expressway, RPC cover plates and constructional elements. Economic benefits of steel fiber. 1. Replace of rebar mesh. 2. Reduce concrete volume 3. Save construction time and cost 4. Reduce excavation volume 5. Available for jointless floor Technical Characteristics Diameter is between 0.2mm to 2.5mm. Length is 6mm-13mm. Tensile Strength is more than 2800 Mpa.

Wires and cables, steel
  • micro steel fiber
  • Steel Fiber

Product features

MOQ 1 ton
Payment Type telegraphic transfer,cash with order,cash against documents,letter of credit
Supplying Ability 100T/month
Delivery 20 days
Packaging Detail Damp-proof poly-bag, 20-30kg/bag
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