Robust and state-of-the-art Ethernet solutions for data comunication is what is required by today‘s rail vehicles. The new UIC-IT Series from Schaltbau meets those requirements providing a highly flexible, universal and reliable Ethernet connection option for the harsh railway environment with a design life that will last for decades. The UIC-IT Series connector is fitted with an 8 pole Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)module and 16 optional signal contacts. Features: - Gigabit Ethernet module: 360° shielded module with 8 terminals for 4 data pairs for the transmission of 10 GbE in a permanent link with Cat5, Cat6 and Cat6a compliant data cables - Life: Designed for frequent plugging >10,000 cycles - Ingress protection rating IP69K: True for receptacle with closed lid and connector when mated as well as for cable entry of plug. - Weather-proof and temperature resistant: -50°C up to +85°C min. True for entire connector including cable gland

Electrical & Electronic Components
  • data transmission via Gigabit Ethernet
  • heavy-duty connector

Product features

Number of contacts GbEmodule:8 pole Signal contacts:16 pole
Rated voltage (IEC 60038) GbE module: 50 VSignal contacts: 80 V
Current rating GbE module: 1 ASignal contacts: 1 A
Orientations 1
Contact resistance ≤ 20 mΩ
Insulation resistance > 100 MΩ
IP rating (IEC 60529) IP69K, when mated or receptacle closed
Mechanical endurance > 10,000 cycles
Temperature range -50° C ... +85° C

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