THE ADDITION OF ULTRASONICS TO THE MAJORITY OF CLEANING PROCESSES CAN REDUCE THE REQUIRED CLEANING TIME BY UP TO 80%. These hermetically sealed, modular stainless-steel submersible units are designed for use in new systems or retrofitted into existing systems to give you the benefits of ultrasonic capability. In order to obtain the best results, the number and location of transducers within the parts cleaning tank is determined based on the geometry of the parts cleaning tank and the type of contamination to be removed. The immersible transducers are designed for use in a heavy, industrial environment. The hermetically sealed welded housings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and undergo a rigorous testing procedure prior to installation. The modular nature of the bolt-in units allows for flexibility with regard to the location of the submersible units and ease of access for service & maintenance … ** Click for more **

Cleaning, industrial
  • precision component cleaning
  • ultrasonic submersible transducers

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