URANUS Sun Tunnel - Chatron - Solar Light Tube

URANUS Sun Tunnel - Chatron - Solar Light Tube - Tubo Solar Industrial


Maximum use of natural solar lighting + Complementary self-dimming industrial Led lighting, working with individual Solar Tubes and Leds (Dual Diffuser) or single mirror integrating the Solar Diffuser and the Led in the same set (Full Diffuser). Chatron’s Uranus System consists of the Solar Tube and the self-dimming industrial Led, in order to provide light for 24 hours/day without the need for any additional lighting for the spaces where they are applied. These spaces can be factories, warehouses, pavilions, etc, and start to operate with minimum energy consumption. The great advantage of Chatron’s Uranus system is that it is able to efficiently illuminate the space, consuming the minimum amount of electrical energy for the purpose. This is possible because the Uranus system gives top priority to the natural lighting that comes from the Solar Pipes, complementing it by the led light only in the necessary quantity, to maintain the desired lighting level for the location.

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  • sun tunnels
  • Solar Tubes
  • Light tubes

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