USB Handset Plathosys CT 220 PRO -



The elegant USB handset Plathosys CT 220 PRO is optimized for professional office applications. Your PC turns into a powerful phone. It is Unify Ready certified, integrated into Wildix UC solutions and Skype for Business compatible. The performance features are diverse and can be adjusted if necessary. You can also get suitable accessories for the Plathosys CT 220 PRO from us. The different connection options for high-quality headsets and passive loudspeakers offer the user great flexibility, e.g. switching from handsets to headset operation or connecting an external loudspeaker. For example, you can optionally listen in on a headset or a second handset. The integrated wideband audio performance offers the highest speech quality and natural sound perception when using PC telephony. The HD audio quality is in the frequency range from 100 Hz to 7,500 Hz according to ETSI ES 202739.