UV Air Purifier - UV Air Purifier POTOK 100 / Air flow rate: 35 м3/h / 1 lamp

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The Potok® air purifiers work on the basis of ultraviolet technologies which disinfect air by 99.9%. Recommended room size up to 10 m2, room height - 2.4 m. Protects against viruses: makes the air in your home and office safe. The air is disinfected inside the device using ultraviolet lamp radiation. Our antibacterial UV lamps' special glass and design features provide zero ozone emission, making it safe to use the air purifiers for people, animals, and plants. Filter of a F5-Class: captures particles from 1 micron, including allergens, pollen, spores of fungi and mold, bacteria, dust and animal hair We are a member of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and actively participate in its activities, research and developments. The production capacity ensures a daily production rate of 3000 air purifiers.

Product information

number of lamps
Lamp power
Power supply
220V / 50Hz
Lamp life
9000 hours
Type of UV lamps
bactericidal, ozone-free
UV-C sterilization
99.9% efficient
Noise level
35 dB
Power consumption
15 W
Dimensions (H,W,L)
87 х 85 х 310mm
1,5 kg
desktop, wall-mounted
Operating conditions
from +5°C to + 40°C
2 years
EC Service LLC, Russia