UV and IR Interferometers Interferometric optical testing from deep ultraviolet to far infrared. Optical applications are broad and varied. Testing at design wavelength is critical for final alignment and system qualification. Lithographic, DVD, and Infrared imaging lenses all require testing at design wavelength and represent broadly-varying wavelength requirements. ZYGO, long recognized as the world leader in interferometric testing, has designed and built many specially-equipped interferometer systems, including those meeting the most demanding requirements, from the deep ultraviolet to the far infrared. ZYGO also makes reference optics ( transmission spheres and transmission flats) for these wavelengths. The following table lists the various wavelengths that are currently available for ZYGO interferometers. For more information about these systems, or if you need to test at a wavelength other than those shown below, please contact your local ZYGO sales representative for...

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