elight Company, Inc. designs, manufactures, and internationally distributes a wide range of high-quality special replacement mercury, gallium, iron and other metal halide bulbs. Also known as ultraviolet curing, drying, or graphics arts lamps. Medium pressure bulbs are used to cure inks and adhesives quickly and consistently. Ultraviolet curing uses less energy than conventional drying methods, and minimizes VOC emissions. We are supplier of quality direct replacement for series of printing equipment and uv ovens ncluding Gallus, Mark Andy, GEW, IST, Brewer, and more. Applications: Adhesive setting CD & DVD curing Exposure Equipment Graphics Arts Printing Inkjet Systems Label Printing Photochemical Lamps & Wells Portable Curing Equipment Printed Circuit Boards Roller Coaters Screen Printing

Printing - supplies
  • UV lamp
  • ultraviolet lights
  • UV bulb
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