Ultra clear glass is low iron glass with high light transmittance.It is high grade,multifunctional,new glass,and generally its light transmittance is higher than 91%.It is crystal clear and is crowned as"crystal prince" of glass family. Our ultra clear glass has super physical,mechanical and optical characteristics.Like regular glass it can be fabricated,e.g.,being tempered,coated,silk printed,heat bent,laminated,and being made into double glazing units. Our successfully developed two series ultra clear glass products;(one is solar energy series,and the other is architectural or else.)This is the first time to classify ultra clear glass as two series according to its main functions. With its crystal clear appearance,Our ultra clear glass has become a highlight in world architectural industry.It not only brings benefit on energy saving and environment protection,but also has modern fashionable style,and can arouse designers'creation and inspiration.

Crystal glass

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