With the UltraLevi-Desk it is possible to transport and (un)load substrates without contact. Our patented technology makes the workpieces float on the surface of the ultrasonic table. The substrate is kept at a distance, which prevents micro-scratches and other damage. By avoiding compressed air and thus air turbulence, particle contamination can also be prevented. Furthermore, high flatness of the substrate is guaranteed, also for flexible materials. The UltraLevi-Desk can be combined with other systems and can be realized with or without additional drive. Features of the UltraLevi-Desk: - No damage or particles - High Flatness of the substrate - Extendable - Recesses for inspection systems or cutting units - Customizable according to customer specifications

Handling - Machines & Equipment
  • contactless handling
  • contactless transport
  • ultrasonic handling

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