The STOKOTA group offers a wide range of waste transport vehicles in the sector of industrial and general cleaning. Our engineering department focused on the development and manufacturing of vehicles for the environmental sector that work efficiently, are user-friendly and minimize the impact of the environment. We offer the following products: » Drain Force » Ecocycle » Jetting Master » Powertrailer 6000 » Powervac » Ultracycle » Vactrans » Custom Made The UltraCycle combination unit offers you CLEAN RECYCLED WATER filtered up to 0.02 micron. Our UltraCycle is the new standard when recycled water has to be as clean as clear water. This multi-purpose vehicle is foreseen with the UltraCycle water recycling system. It is suitable for cleaning sewers of up to 1500 mm and many other applications where the recycled water has to meet high standards. The main feature is the UltraCycle water recycling system which eliminates water from the sludge tank, pre-filters it and then sends it through

Product features

  Waste   suitable for non-hazardous waste products
  Type   4 axle rigid
  Power take-off   transfer case with 4 PTO's + PTO on the gearbox   with single outlet
  Shape   cylindrical tank - stainless steel 304L (1.4301)
  Capacity   10.000 L
  Tipping tank   yes
  Manhole   1 off
  Rear door   full hydraulic opening upwards
  Rear door clamps   hydraulically operated
  Inlet valve   ND150
  Vacuum pump   liquid ring vacuum pump
  Flow   ±2.400 m³/h
  Drive   mechanical
  Ductwork   mild steel
  Outlet   at ground level
  Compressor   rotary vane type
  Max pressure   0,5 bar
  Jetting pump   triple piston jetting pump
  Pressure   ±200 bar
  Pressure reg. valve   pneumatically operated
  Water tank   in SS – 6.000 L
  Hose reel   mounted at the front
  Sec. hose reel   fixed mounted
  System   UltraCycle system - max. 400L/min @ 0.02µm
  Further equipment   suction cassette on top - 15m suction hose 5"
  Outside   acrylic paint


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