The application of modern ultrasound flowmeter technique FLOWMAX 30S and the systems' advantages for YOU Economical aspects Integrated foam detection and alarm release No more periods of non measurement in the pipes caused by lack of foam detection hence no beverage tapping losses Empty pipe surveillance Since there are no moving components in the flowmeter you have no wearing out phenomenons No system standstill when cleaning the Flowmax 30S Removing or taking apart the Flowmax 30S for cleaning is not necessary There are absolutely no restrictions for the Flowmax 30S to be cleaned with sponges CIP possible (Please pay attention to the endurance indications of the synthetic material producer) No maintenance costs High process security Foam and gas bubbles are recognised with high security in tenths seconds No blockade by built-in parts No mounting errors can be caused by mistake after the cleaning process ...

Product features

Power supply 20…30VDC / ca. 2,5W
Electrical connection 5-wire cable wit
Outputs Digital pulse- and alarm output
Communication Serial data bus
Max error of measurement ±2% Reference conditions (VDI/VDE 2642)
Repeatability ≤ 0,5%

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