Flowmax® is a flowmeter for measuring liquid flow. Flowmax® is especially suited to measure dynamic processes in closed pipes of an automation environment. Flowmax® 400i has no moving parts and is free of wear. The design of the pipe minimizes dead space over the whole geometry. All parts having contact to the medium are PFA (New Teflon). Therefore Flowmax® 400i can be used for very alkaline, very toxic and/or very aggressive media like concentrated acids and leaches. CIP or SIP cleaning processes are possible. The measuring result is provided over a scalable pulse output and a programmable current output. All parameters of the flowmeter are individually configurable with MIB PC-Software FlowSoft® and USBtoRS485-Converter. The integrated gas control with empty pipe detection at the alarm output offers additional information. Process connection of Flowmax® 400i is free of seals using flare technology or NPT-screwing.

Product features

Power supply 24VDC, ca. 3.6W
Electrical connection 5 or 8-pin plug, alternative 10-cors teflon-coated cable, length 5m
Input 1 digital input, usable for dosing star
Outputs 2 digital outputs, configurable as pulse output or empty pipe alarm, Current output configurable 0/4
Max. error of measurement ±2%o.r. ±3mm/s (o.r. = of reading), option ±1%o.r. ±3mm/s Reference conditions (VDI/VDE 2642)
Repeatability ≤ 0.5%

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